Domain Report  

The Domain Report identifies the top origins of visitors to this site. This is determined by the suffix of their domain name. Use this information carefully as this is based on where their domain name is registered and may not always be an accurate identifier of the actual geographic location of this visitor. For example, while most .com domain names are from the United States, there are a growing number of .com domain names that exist outside the United States.

This report shows results with at least 50 requests. This report is sorted by number of requests.

Domain NameNumber of requestsNumber of bytes transferredNumber of page requests
1.[unresolved numerical addresses]59,768630.647 MB41,211
    14622,282287.419 MB22,282
    463,55844.035 MB2,816
    1072,39126.842 MB921
    52,08221.835 MB1,333
    2161,91815.073 MB887
    661,60414.679 MB810
    701,24410.436 MB442
    771,1158.144 MB555
    681,09211.167 MB521
    128206.735 MB276
    1808181.632 MB147
    16380911.932 MB761
    647737.194 MB323
    507596.454 MB331
    1046686.246 MB321
    1996645.681 MB251
    1084984.839 MB198
    1734974.499 MB234
    654943.952 MB212
    44563.692 MB185
    994563.852 MB212
    744434.846 MB200
    1594363.610 MB196
    754304.712 MB221 (Commercial)14,122153.724 MB8,789
    yandex.com3,59230.607 MB1,864
    baidu.com3,01439.923 MB2,531
    ahrefs.com2,29429.346 MB1,815
    googlebot.com1,20413.764 MB712
    msn.com86510.938 MB417
    rr.com85410.534 MB298 (Networks)6,13660.785 MB2,866
    sbcglobal.net1,06111.505 MB712
    grantcounty.net97113.353 MB574
    bhn.net8017.299 MB276
    ussignalcom.net5413.187 MB147
    comcast.net5314.216 MB192
    cox.net4293.130 MB146 (Russia)3222.107 MB129 (Germany)3001.905 MB145 (India)2361.992 MB113 (USA Government)1251.024 MB44 (Non Profit Making Organisations)115828.396 KB34
9.[unknown domain]1141.148 MB96 (Czech Republic)61374.268 KB28
 [not listed: 19]73591.739 KB38

This report was generated on July 17, 2017 18:33.
Report time frame December 31, 2016 19:04 to July 13, 2017 18:59.

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