Browser Summary  

The Browser Summary identifies the most popular web browsers used to visit this site.
Browsers are broken down by recognized categories such as Netscape Navigator/Communicator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, WebTV, Opera and the like. Within each category is also a subgroup by version number such as 'MSIE 5.0' or 'Netscape 4.5'.

This report shows the first 15 results by number of requests. This report is sorted by number of requests.

Browser Summary: Number of requests by Browser Type.

Browser TypeNumber of requestsNumber of bytes transferredNumber of page requests
1.Safari30,658354.359 MB22,373
    Safari/53728,064321.214 MB21,135
    Safari/6021,45219.670 MB658
    Safari/6014433.914 MB193
    Safari/95372214.017 MB113
    Safari/6031562.223 MB75
    Safari/6001351.396 MB79
    Safari/5341111.060 MB64
    Safari/53827355.743 KB25
    Safari/53318170.307 KB10
    Safari/53518206.686 KB11
    Safari/536781.512 KB6
    Safari/8536329.798 KB1
    Safari/525228.234 KB2
    Safari/532112.688 KB1
2.Netscape (compatible)20,883247.008 MB14,954
3.Firefox10,968119.729 MB8,686
    Firefox/432,48531.007 MB2,474
    Firefox/441,90123.426 MB1,869
    Firefox/521,40015.665 MB1,018
    Firefox/531,36515.185 MB966
    Firefox/518086.661 MB432
    Firefox/506296.773 MB376
    Firefox/6336112.774 KB2
    Firefox/22613.330 MB261
    Firefox/472552.505 MB194
    Firefox/402472.901 MB241
    Firefox/32301.952 MB222
    Firefox/541841.484 MB68
    Firefox/451551.718 MB115
    Firefox/411051.281 MB105
    Firefox/3587782.271 KB31
    Firefox/4874691.005 KB40
    Firefox/456724.891 KB56
    Firefox/3849426.604 KB20
    Firefox/5539350.278 KB17
    Firefox/2534252.410 KB12
4.Mozilla9,98486.213 MB4,013
    Mozilla/2112.688 KB1
5.MSIE3,04434.084 MB2,460
    MSIE/61,48418.384 MB1,479
    MSIE/106256.001 MB228
    MSIE/96105.955 MB486
    MSIE/71811.954 MB153
    MSIE/81291.610 MB102
    MSIE/999431.167 KB1
    MSIE/11226.907 KB2
    MSIE/5226.772 KB2
6.recorder.grantcounty27.us1,7544.000 B4
7.recorder.grantcounty.net1,4071.000 B0
8.recorder.grantcounty27.com3770.000 B0 B0
10.recorder.grantcounty27.net3380.000 B0
11.Sogou web spider3072.044 MB158
    Sogou web spider/43072.044 MB158
12.GarlikCrawler1201.607 MB112
    GarlikCrawler/11201.607 MB112
13.Googlebot-Image119127.183 KB2
    Googlebot-Image/1119127.183 KB2
14.vebidoobot82924.189 KB73
15.Wotbox771,001.408 KB72
    Wotbox/2771,001.408 KB72
 [not listed: 60]6755.929 MB404

This report was generated on July 17, 2017 18:33.
Report time frame December 31, 2016 19:04 to July 13, 2017 18:59.

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